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Mwanakijiji Podcast - Mahali pekee pa kupata habari, maoni, na burudani za kitanzania kutoka Detroit, MI-USA


Darhotwire - News, Entertainment and Education web portal based in Dar-Es- Salaam- Tanzania. I present to you a site with unique and useful program Bongo


Fanta Celah - The official website of Chicago based fine artist and jewelry designer, Fanta Celah Last News


Business Times - Publisher of popular newspapers in Tanzania.


IPP Media - News media giant in Tanzania. Last News


Michuzi Blogsite - Popular blog site with tons of photos and stories based in Dar es Salaam-Tanzania.


Dinahicious Blog - Blog maarufu ya Kiswahili ihusuyo masuala ya Mapenzi na Ngono inayoendeshwa na Ms. Dinah.


Mrocky - One of the popular photo blogsite based in Dar-Es- Salaam-Tanzania.


Maggid Mjengwa - Tanzanian blogger and columnist.


Michuzi Jr Blog - Best Tanzanian urban entertainment blog where Jiachie is the motto.


Bongo Celebrity - Website/Blog about Tanzanian and East African celebrities, site is based in Toronto, Canada.


KULIKONI UGHAIBUNI - Blogu ya Kiswahili Ihusuyo makala mbalimbali kutoka kwa Evarist Chahali.


Daily News and Habari Leo - Tanzanian government owned daily newspaper.


Africanhiphop - a platform for information and discussion on hip hop from the African continent.


8020 Fashions - Tanzanian fashion Blog by Shamim Mwasha based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. (Visit her store in Sinza with all the latest male and female outfits)


Da Swahili - Tanzanian Hip Hop group based in Washington D.C - USA.


Swahili Remix - Tanzanian urban culture online.


Masoud Kipanya - Best Tanzanian cartoonist.


UZANU - Free Classified Ads for Africa.


Tanzania Sports - Website which provides a forum for exchange of ideas between sports leaders, coaches, sports personalities, government and others concerned with sports, on how to improve participation and raise standards in sports in Tanzania.


Jamii Forums - Most popular Tanzanian online discussion forum.


AY - Personal website for a popular Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist.


Swahili Nation - Swahili tutorial website for bringing together Swahili speakers and African-Americans.


Tanzania Daima - Gazeti la kila siku la kiswahili lenye makala mbalimbali kutoka Tanzania.


Mwananchi - Gazeti maarufu la kila siku la kiswahili kutoka Tanzania.


The Arusha Times - Arusha's daily english newspaper.


BONGO STAR LINK:DJ Choka - blog/portal owned and managed by DJ Choka focuses on topics related to Tanzanian music news, entertainment and events.


Swaggabovu - Everything WAKAZI and all thats Poppin.


WABONGO UGHAIBUNI - Tanzanians abroad ni mtandao unaokuletea habari, matangazo na matukio mbalimbali kuhusu Watanzania Ughaibuni.


VIJIMAMBO Blog - Blog inayokuletea habari mbalimbali inayoendeshwa na DJ Luke kutoka Washington D.C.


Dreamz Entertainment - Dreamz Entertainment Company (DEC) is a full‐service entertainment company with main offices in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and New York City (USA).




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